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The Founder and the Company

Jessica Marie Pinel BSc honours, MSc, MSc, ANutr

Jessica is an Associate Registered Nutritionist with a MSc in Nutrition at the University of Chester. She spent the 6 years working in medical health as a clinical physiologist and research scientist after completing her initial MSc in Biomedical Sciences in 2014.


In 2017 she developed an interest in preventative health, leading her to qualify as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Combining the strong foundations of the knowledge she has gained in health and disease at a molecular level with the basic principles she has learnt in preventative health she aims to provide a high-quality professional service like no other.

Jessica's main areas of interest are gut health (the microbiome and gut related diseases), cardiac health and woman's health (hormones, menopause and pregnancy).  She too suffered with IBS and asthma which she has managed to successfully control and treat via diet and exercise alone.

Jessica x.

Humankynd Nutrition's Philosophies

Help individuals reach 'optimal' health. Our optimal is our best, it is however important to realise that this is a lifelong journey whereby we should be aiming to continuously develop, adapt and evolve.

Acknowledges bio individuality. What works for one person may not work for another, 'One person's food is another person's poison'. Taking this principle you will be provided with individually tailored food and lifestyle advice based on your initial consultation and progression throughout your nutritional journey.

Use an evidence-based approach. Trust the process as we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality trustworthy service carried out within the rules and regulations of the latest ​nutritional practice guidelines.

Look beyond the scope of nutrition to optimise the health of individuals via addressing other aspects of living including career, physical activity, relationships and spirituality, nourishing your mind, body and soul. Nutrition plays a key role in health however there are many other factors that influence the health of an individual. We will support you in making positive changes within these areas. You can eat all the kale in the world and still be a far cry from optimal health.  

Inclusion rather than exclusion. Many individuals repel nutritional advice and of those that take it, a high percentage eventually fail due to strict restrictions. Lets discover new tasty nutritious foods that you can't resist, crowding out unhealthier options.


Introducing creativity into the kitchen. Food is so much more then fuel it plays a huge role in bringing individuals together and creating a sense of community. It is to be enjoyed, shared and cherished.

Setting meaningful goals. Together we will identify your goals, make small changes towards your goals, and ultimately supporting you in achieving your goals, so lets get to it, it's time to make your goals a reality.

Tropical Leaves