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Corporate Services

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Jessica is passionate about educating others  to look after their health from the inside out.

She is available to speak at public or professional events, providing scientifically supported nutritional information on a wide range of topics listed bellow.

Please do not hesitate to contact her and have a discussion to select a workshop/talk  to fit your bespoke needs.


Learn about the development of our gut microbiota.

What influences our gut microbiota.

Gut health drinks tasting.

Gut health food demos.


Learn about the symptoms of menopause.

How nutrition and lifestyle can be utilised to target these symptoms.

Reasons for supplementation.

Mens Health Icon.png


What factors play a part in the immune system functioning.

Key nutrients to support the immune system.

Supplements and meal ideas.


Do you have a themed event that you want your nutrition workshop to be in keeping with?

Work with Jessica to create a bespoke workshop.

Talk Testimonials

Bespoke Brief: Nutrition for the different phases of woman-hood

"Female Folio asked Jess to present to a diverse mix of women of all different ages to discuss the various stages of woman-hood and how to support yourself through nutrition. Jess spoke with amazing knowledge and confidence about topics that are not that easy to discuss and which we all need to know more about. The presentation was entertaining as well as educating with a great level of audience participation. It was perfect to complement a female focused event and rate her very highly."

Phoebe Chamier

Senior Investment Manager

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