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Blooming Good Period

6 week program



Are you feeling that pre-period dread and struggling with cycle symptoms?


💔 Cramps that won't quit

🌙 Pain that your dictates daily schedule

😓 Energy levels sending you on a rollercoaster

🌧️ Hormonal mood swings ruining your relationships

🤤 Cravings causing out of control snacking

💧 Bloating that determines your outfit choices

🤗 Low sex drive effecting your love life

Then guess what? This program was crafted with YOU in mind, SISTER! 🌸

Did you know?

1 in 3 women feel that their menstrual cycle gets in the way of their day to day life.


1 in 10 girls and women take time off work or school almost every menstrual cycle.

What if you could...


✓ Boost your understanding of menstrual health?

✓ Gain empowerment through cutting-edge scientific research, learning to decipher fact from FAD?

✓ Reestablish a profound connection with your menstrual cycle, strengthening your bond with your own body?

✓ Approach your period without that pre-period dread?

✓ Cultivate healthier relationships, both with yourself and others?

✓ Enhance your sleep quality and unlock more energy for the activities you cherish?

✓ Leverage your hormones to boost your productivity and unleash your creativity?

✓ Master the art of eating, moving, and living in sync with your cycle, creating harmony instead of chaos?

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It's time to take back control...

Make your menstrual cycle a source of strength, not a setback. Say YES to mastering your menstrual cycle!


Unleash your cycle potential with engaging master classes guiding you through each step of the blooming good period 6 week program. These 1 hour sessions are packed full of value to support you at each stage of your menstrual cycle.

6 x Q AND AS

Supercharge your success with our exclusive weekly Q&A sessions! Jessica will be there every step of the way to help you overcome obstacles effortlessly and achieve the results you've always dreamed of.


A 7-day meal plan meticulously crafted to lay the foundation for optimal women's health.

TWO mini toolkits for our PCOS cysters and endo warriors, these guides leave no stone unturned.

And for those who invest in full upfront an exclusive 1-on-1 consultation! This  is your golden opportunity to receive tailored guidance and support,

When is the course running?

👊 LIVE Master classes 7:00 - 8:00pm every Tuesday for 6 weeks from Tuesday the 17th of October.


❓LIVE Q & A sessions 7:00 - 8:00pm every Thursday for 6 weeks from Thursday the 19th of October.


💻 Join in from anywhere sister! 📱🖥✨


Enrole on The 6 week program where you'll:

✓ Become a master your menstrual cycle by learning how to effortlessly navigate hormone fluctuations.

✓ Learn to spot the red flag so you feel empowered to seek further support when you need it.

✓ Establish a deep, harmonious connection with your body by understanding your unique physiology.

✓ Harness the incredible potential of nutrition to alleviate symptoms and enhance your overall well-being.

✓ Revolutionize your fitness routine by optimizing your training based on the ebbs and flows of your cycle – prepare for remarkable results!

✓ Take charge of your mood as you navigate the ups and downs of your menstrual cycle.

...And this is just the beginning! Don't miss out sister!

Join a tribe of like minded women...

Cheer each other on!

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. book a discovery call or email to enrol now and embrace the magic of being in sync with your body.

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